Welcome to EmJay Photography. I’m a post-secondary trained photographer, a graduate from SAIT’s Journalism Arts Programs.  Besides news coverage, I was taught how to pose people well, and studio lighting, as well as extensive courses in photo editing. I was a sports reporter and photographer, using my camera every day, for all kinds of photography, in all kinds of conditions. In sleeting rain, from a helicopter, you name it, just about, and I’ve done it.  I’ve been shooting weddings, events, birthdays, engagements, family portraits etc, since college, so I’ve been taking photos since 2005. I’ve been full-time, working for myself as a photographer since 2014. Got a gaggle of rambunctious kids? No problem. I’m patient and fast on the trigger to keep up, having perfected freeze-action photography as a sports reporter. I’ve got kids of my own, I know what it’s like! Large group? No sweat, I’ve shot whole graduating classes and family reunions. Now after three years of working with families, I’m quite comfortable and adept at posing people, though I still find the best pictures are what couples and families do naturally, with just a little bit of help. I’m in Ponoka now, but will travel to Red Deer, and anywhere else within 30-45 minutes without charging mileage. I’ve never failed to deliver quality images to a client, in a timely manner, and I believe my clients leave happy with their experience! 

I currently offer outdoor lifestyle sessions of all kinds, including family, maternity, newborn, graduation, engagement and individual portraits in Central Alberta. Please browse the galleries for examples of my work.

~ Emily Jaycox

What to Expect 

When you contact EmJay Photography about a session, first we’ll talk about the kind of photos you’re looking for and what kind of location works best for you. If you have a spot in mind, that’s great, but I can also suggest one based on your likes, group size, etc. Once we’ve established what you’d like for your photo shoot, a small deposit is required to reserve the date and time for your session.

When we meet at the agreed location and time, you will receive a paper copy of the contract I use. It is very basic, and just states I agree to deliver your photos within two weeks of your session, and you agree to pay the remaining amount owing (usually at the end of the session, unless previously agreed otherwise), and let me know the ways you will release your photos to be used.

I’m a fairly laid-back person, and my aim is to please! I do my best to ensure you enjoy your session and you will be happy with the images you receive. I show you images as we go along during your shoot so you can redo poses or try different angles or expressions, until you are satisfied with the result. If additional time is desired, I can also provide that.

Call or text 403-307-1305 or email emilyjaycoxphotography@gmail.com to book your session!

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